So here’s the question. What tripod should I use? Answer: the most stable and lightest you can afford. For years I’d used an original Benbo aluminium tripod which is bomb proof but is one heck of a weight. It also has a central column which I’m not a fan of: the more you extend the column to get the height you want then, by definition, you introduce an element of instability. The Benbo is also bulky and not the easiest thing to carry around. It has the original ball head which works fine – to a point – but lacks the versatility of a gimbal. So the Benbo was relegated to storage.

So what do I use now? Gitzo (one of the Systematic range): Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination but the most stable tripod on the market and the model I use fully extends to 202cm which is more than adequate for me at 180cm. With gimbal head attached I never use it at full extension which, in turn, maintains its inherent stability. If you can afford it I would always recommend Gitzo… ultra bomb proof and light to carry ( carbon fibre).

As for the head? Gimbal…definitely. But not just any gimbal: Wimberly MKII. A really top notch bit of engineering that, in my opinion, out-performs all others. Again, not cheap but others just don’t come close.

In summary, Gitzo and Wimberly have been the choice of professionals for many, many years. This tells you something…

If you’re prepared to spend a lot of hard-earned cash on a decent camera and glass then why compromise on the rest?

Stay safe my friends.


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