It’s all about the light

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Steve Edwards is a prizewinning and published wildlife photographer, global stock photographer, educator, instructor, volunteer and commissioned photographer for the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. Steve is also a member of the prestigious Society of International Nature & Wildlife Photographers.

’60 years ago it was all about that four letter word ‘FILM’ and now it’s all about digital. Back then it was about buying a roll of film with the appropriate ASA/ISO and the rest was down to you.  And if you weren’t a pro then the dark arts were beyond your reach. Some of us tried our best and the results were often a mixed bag. Cost played a major part: price of a roll of film and the price of developing. Some of us developed our own work under the spell of the ‘red light’. But now, for most, those days are long gone.

Yet, at the same time a lot of what we learned then is just as applicable (if not more so) today. In the world of photography some things never change. So if you want to take the journey ‘down the rabbit-hole’ then, like Alice, have an open mind, question everything, assume nothing and embrace a world of possibilities.

Photography is a never ending experience…your best shot is the next one you take…always.

Personally, I’m very much aware that lack of humility often sounds the death knell for the things we do. Sharing knowledge is vital because whatever knowledge we may be lucky enough to have must be passed on…It’s all about the light.’

Thanks to:  All the wonderful photographers who share their time
and knowledge. 
To the Canon Explorers of Light who give back so very much;
especially Charles Glatzer and Art Morris...

Especial thanks to Rita: my greatest critic